I’ve read a lot of Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited lately. It’s a great way to read some of Marvel’s vast catalog. When a comic from before the days of computer coloring goes up, it always gets a digital re-coloring. Sometimes this is a great thing, as there is no color bleed and classic art pops even more than usual, but sometimes, something goes wrong…

Clairol's new ad spokesman wasn't terribly effective.

No, your eyes don’t deceive you, that’s certainly Ronald Reagan, gearing up for the 1980 Presidential vote. It seems in this case, he’s traded Grecian Formula for something a bit more provocative. The Gipper certainly looks supremely confident with his flowing red locks. Sadly, in this story, 1977′s What If #26, Ronnie loses the election to Captain America. We can’t say that his new ‘do lost him the election, but it probably didn’t help.

To be fair to the re-color, the original was reddish as well, but it leaned more towards brown than what I like to call “Osborn Red”. Here, compare for yourself.

Only his hairdresser knows for sure.